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Industrial Machine Knives And Blades Manufacturer

There is a lot to know about knives and blades and this editorial will provide you a superior idea into the topic. A serrated blade takes this additional as all individual teeth concentrates the force on a lesser area that aids cut through denser materials. A jagged knife can cut through objects exclusively with a sliding movement with slight pushing force; this is helpful, for instance, in bread knives. A number of bladed weapons or tools have curved blades.

Wood chipper knivesSheeter KnivesTrimmer Knives

There are certain things you need to address before buying the right knife.  Firstly one needs to understand the use of the knife. Whether it’s for everyday use or whether it will be used for outdoor activities like backpacking, hiking climbing, camping. Whether the knife will be used for activities like hunting or fishing. Whether you need a heavy duty knife which will be used for things that require Tactics or Survival or whether you’re just buying limited edition or custom made knives for collection.

Friday, November 4, 2011

ATLAS KNIVES is demonstrating Metal and Non-Metal products

19-24 January 2012: Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC), Bangalore, India 

Hall No: 3   Stand No: Q104

Guillotine Shearing Knives

Crop & Billet Shears

Hot Crop Shears/ Billet & Bloom Shears 

Slitting Lines

Trimmer Knives

Shredder Knives

Granulator Knives

Pelletizer Blades & Holders

IMTEX FORMING series is the largest exhibition of forming manufacturing technologies in South and South-East Asia. Indian economy and its industry are poised to take India to a new league at the global level in 2012. This in turn spells very high opportunities for machine tools and manufacturing solutions industry.
We cordially invite you to actively participate at IMTEX FORMING 2012 and Tooltech 2012 to enhanced business opportunities at the exhibition.

Atlas Knives is Participating in INTEC 2012

INTEC 2012- CoimbatorE-India

4 Jan – 9 jan 2012

Hall no.: c stand no. 148 (a/c)

 ATLAS KNIVES is participating in INTEC 2012-The international trade fair organized by CODISSIA- The Coimbatore District Small Industries Association and demonstrating cutting tools for various Industries like Paper Industry, Metal Industry, Plastic Industry and other Industries. 

Company speaks Our aim is to present the company and its product into the Indian & Overseas market. Six decades of strong, customer-focused approach has enabled us to attain leadership in the industry & become a complete cutting solution provider.

Product(s) on display On the pop-up display, the company will showcase all its products including: 

·         Shearing Blades
·         Circular Knives
·         Bottom Slitter Knives
·         PU Rubberized Spacers
·         Rolling Mill Rolls
·         Guillotine Knives

Friday, September 2, 2011


We manufacture high quality industrial knives in the last 60 years. Our manufacturing experience and specialization enable us to offer widest range of knives to Pulp and Paper Industry.
We offer knives in different steel grades like Tool Steel, High Speed Steel, Powder metal like ASP 2023/ ASP 2053 & Tungsten Carbide.
Explosion 1: Visit us at:
Stand No: 320

The 10th edition of Paperex- New Delhi is the largest Exhibition and Conference in Asia for pulp and paper technology.

Products Focused:
-          Top & Bottom Slitter Knives
-          Sheeter Knives
-          Guillotine Knives
-          Chipper Knives
-          Trimmer Knives


ATLAS KNIVES is participating in ICE EUROPE 2011 - 7th International Converting Exhibition, Germany. ICE Europe is the world’s leading event for everybody involved in the conversion of flexible web materials, such as paper, film, foil and nonwovens.

ATLAS KNIVES is demonstrating knives and blades for Paper Converting Industry, and the product range includes:
-          Top Slitter Knives
-          Bottom Slitter Knives
-          Sheeter Knives
-          Serrated Slotter Blades
-          Perforation and Folding Knives
-          Trimmer Knives
-          Binding & Stitching Knives
-          Guillotine Knives

Wednesday, June 8, 2011